Low Sperm Count: Tips In Improving Your Sperm Count

It is certain that there are couples that find it hard to have a baby because of health issues. You cannot deny the fact that when it comes to health issues, possibilities could already vary.

In other words, there are more chances that because of your poor health management, you would permanently fail to have a baby. In actuality, there are too many health issues that could contribute to how couples fail to have a baby, such as low sperm count on the part of the male.

Not all the time women are to blame in failing to have a baby. Basically, a baby could be produced once a sperm meets the egg successfully. In such case, if there are fewer moving sperm, there would be lesser possibilities of fertilization.

There are lots of men suffering from this health issue. It may not be obvious, but there are couples who are still trying to cope with it. If you are among those couples, it is definitely the time to help your partner or yourself to prevent low sperm count.

Tips in improving your partner’s or your sperm count would include the following:

  • Healthy Diet

Aside from having a healthy diet, it is apparent that you would also need to add more foods to improve your sperm production. In that case, you could consider oysters. These contain more levels of zinc, which is important in the production of sperms.

On the other hand, spinach would also do you good since it has great levels of folic acid, which when eaten with vitamin C, would improve your sperm health, motility, and production.

Also, eggs would always play a vital role in your health. Eggs would help in sperm production since they are rich in vitamin E.

  • Activity Elimination

There are various activities that you need to prevent, one of which is overheating the male’s scrotum. This overheating could happen when the undergarment is too tight and males tend to stay in Jacuzzi or sauna for too long.

These could promote decrease sperm production. On the other hand, you should also prevent inordinate stress. You should exercise stress management and relaxation techniques.

Stress plays a very crucial role in maintaining your health hormone production. Furthermore, you should prevent using drugs and smoking. These could both decrease sperm count and normal movement.

  • Physical Condition Prevention

Of course, sperm count that is low could be caused by diseases as well. In such case, you should learn the causes of the diseases and formulate preventions for them. For instance, varicoceles, which are a small flaw in the vein’s anatomy, should be corrected since it could cause the sperms to die.

The above tips could help you understand how management of sperm production should be done. You have to remind yourself that it is still better to prevent than to treat. Not all therapies for sperm count improvement are proven effective for all. In such case, there is still a probability that the problem could stay.

Andropause: Fighting The Dilemma In The Best Way Possible

You cannot deny the fact that aging could affect people largely. There are people who are still trying to cope with the fact that they cannot stop aging at all or even diminish the changes that they are about to engage in.

However, if you would look into reality, in the end, you still need to accept and live by the fact that aging would still haunt you.

In this case, what you need to do now is to live a healthy lifestyle and if changes occur, know how to cope with those changes not to stop it by all means, but to slacken their effects on you.

One of the changes that people could undergo, specifically males, is the andropause. You need to keep in mind that this is not a normal change. This change could make you a different person if you let it to.

Andropause is the decrease in your testosterone levels, which would not only affect your sex drive, but also how you manage your moods.
It is certain that knowing you are andropausal could be very depressing.

In such case, what you need to do is follow a few of these tips to fight the dilemma:

  • Know what andropause is.

Obviously, you cannot proceed not until you know what the change is all about. You need to avoid another change in your hormones, which could pertain to the cortisol levels in your body.

Cortisol is actually responsible for the stress management. If you do not want the hormone’s levels to increase, you must start with understanding what you are undergoing.

Moreover, if you would let the cortisol levels increase your testosterone levels would then decrease. In such case, you would just make your condition worse.

  • Learn and exercise.

You have to keep in mind that exercise plays a very important role in managing your andropause. In such case, you should at least exercise for about twenty minutes a day.

This would help you manage your condition better by promoting the production of your bodily hormones. Moreover, by exercising, you could also improve your metabolism. If you want a healthy and lissome body, consider yoga exercises for lighter choices.

  • Live with a helpful and healthy diet.

Apparently, if you tend to exercise for betterment, you also need to associate what you are practicing with a healthy diet. In this case, you have to practice eating fruits and vegetables, soy, as well as foods that would help lower blood pressure.

In addition to this, you should prevent foods that could hinder normal metabolism of the body. Omega-3 rich foods should also be included in your list, such as walnuts, prunes, flax seeds, as well as almonds.

The above tips should be adopted in the most efficient way possible. Andropausal change is not an easy phase of your life. You would be encountering deep depression, which could trigger more serious problems in your body.

If you want to survive, you should manage; and in order to manage, you should learn and live by the above tips first.

Herbs for Male Enhancement

Since the advent of male enhancement supplements and drugs like Viagra, a lot of people are becoming intrigued with the possibility of them overcoming their sexual concerns.

Herbs offer natural over the counter solutions to male sexual enhancement, helping in testosterone production and boosting libido.

However, due to the fact that these herbal treatments are not being regulated strictly by the Food and Drug Administration, effectiveness and safety are not all the time guaranteed. Before starting a regimen involving herbal supplements, talk to your physician first.


The popular herb yohimbe is acquired from a bark of evergreen trees in Africa. It has been used as a traditional remedy to treat sexual problems and is considered as an aphrodisiac, most commonly used in fertility festivals and marriage ceremonies.

The herb is popularly used today for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as it is available in over the counter formulas or as prescription drugs. When considered as a dietary supplement, extracts of the bark is placed into tablets and capsules.

However, a few products have insufficient amounts, which make prescription medication the better option.

Adverse effects involved with the use of this drug can be serious, often resulting to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, notes the NCCAM or the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.


Ginseng is an age-old remedy which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. As it is now a component of modern medicine, this herb offers a natural avenue at the treatment of specific conditions.

Studies involving American and Asian ginseng have revealed benefits when it comes to erectile dysfunction, notes the Mayo Clinic. Because side effects are rare, the use of the herb is generally considered safe.

However, a few drug to drug interactions may occur if the herb is taken with antidepressant drugs.


Gingko is another part of Chinese medicine which has been used all throughout history. It is often utilized for the treatment of ear ringing or tinnitus, bronchitis, asthma, and the improvement of alertness and memory.

Gingko extracts are being derived from its leaves and put into capsules and teas, which are commonly sold as over the counter remedies. As a natural remedy to male enhancement, gingko can also be used as a solution to sexual dysfunction.

A few side effects associated with gingko use can be dangerous, which includes the thinning of blood. Individuals who are taking specific medications may not be allowed to take gingko.


Similar to the herbs mentioned earlier, tribulus terrestris is normally being sold as an herb to boost testosterone production. However, there is very little scientific evidence to support claims like these.

According to studies which involved a series of animal testing, the use of tribulus has a lot of potential when it comes to the treatment of moderate or mild erectile dysfunction, notes Phytomedicine, a noted medical journal. Individuals who have concerns regarding erectile dysfunction have reported that the use of tribulus can improve sexual performance.

This herb is associated with little side effects and is well-tolerated generally.

Low Sperm Count: The Causes Of Men’s Fear

There are various changes in your body that you could not just consider simple or easy to alter.

You need to keep in mind that there are times, some changes are naturally disposed in your body and the only way you could cope with them is to incorporate certain therapies as well as medical techniques that could involve medicines or herbs as well.

But of course, not all the time, you could resort to what is called treatment. As much as possible, you should always come up with a preventive measure.

There are too many physical variations that you could consider unusual yet very efficacious. One of those would include the low sperm count. Not all men are affected by this. But of course, there is a possibility also that you could experience such due to how you manage your lifestyle.

Causes of low sperm count could vary.

In other words, if you are suffering from it, you could consider the following root causes:

  • Varicocele

In actuality, a low sperm count could be caused by certain medical or physical issues. One of which is the varicocele. This is a certain bodily condition which is characterized by vein swelling, which eventually drains the testicle.

This causes infertility in most males. In actuality, it could cause the hindrance of the normal cooling of the testicles, consequently leading to the reduction of sperm count.

  • Lifestyle Causes

As always said, how you manage your lifestyle could largely affect your overall physical reaction. In this case, the reduction of your sperm count could be caused by major failure in managing your physical or mental stress.

Your stress could interfere with the hormone called GnRH, which would eventually cause your sperm count to be reduced. On the other hand, if you tend to use certain lubricants, such as oils, condoms, Vaseline, you could experience changes in your fertility.

  • Environmental Causes

Out of what you consider internal causes of your low sperm count, there are also outside forces that could affect the production of your sperm. Industrial chemicals such as toluene, benzenes, herbicides, painting materials, as well as lead could cause low sperm count.

On the other hand, if you work in an industry where you are mostly exposed to lead or heavy metals, you are most likely prone to infertility issues. Also, reduction of sperm production could also be caused by x-rays as well as radiation.

  • Vices

Of course, vices such as alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking could cause low sperm count. These could cause you to have lower testosterone levels as well as declined sperm production.

Moreover, if you even associate your vices with illegal drug use, decrease in sperm production could grow worse.

Now that you are aware of the causes of low sperm production, it is apparent that you know what preventive measures you are about to add in your daily routine.

Remember, low sperm count is not a considerable change at all. This could cause you a lifetime regret or maybe depression as well.

Andropause: The Primary Facts Men Should Know

There are a lot of changes that people undergo as they age. You cannot deny the fact that you may also be among those people who are currently suffering from those changes, no matter what caused those changes.

You have to keep in mind that if you would like to deal with those alterations, you must consider studying and learning more about those variations. In that case, you should not stay stagnant and wait for the changes take over you.

For instance, when it comes to men, have you encountered the term andropause? If you haven’t, it is now the time to face the truth or maybe, be prepared for a prevention movement.

What Is Andropause?

Andropause is actually the equivalent of women’s menopause. This is actually characterized by the decrease in your normal energy levels. In addition to this, your sex drive could also decline dramatically.

This is primarily caused by the decrease of testosterone or the male hormones. In actuality, this change does not happen to all males. It actually creeps up progressively and it is not a sudden physical change. The older you get, the larger the possibility that you could get this condition.

What Causes Andropause?

Obviously, you also want to know what could cause the change. In actuality, the most important factor of andropause is the decrease in male hormone levels or the testosterone.

But in actuality, some would only consider testosterone now that another hormone is gradually decreasing as men age, which is called the SHBG or the sex hormone binding globulin.

The function of this hormone is to pull the testosterone from the blood in order to increase its levels. In other words, if you experience andropause, this is caused by the low levels of male hormones in your blood, which could also cause mental and physical changes, such as fatigue and mood swings.

What Are The Symptoms Of Andropause?

Of course, if andropause is a physical change, there would also be evident symptoms that could be accompanied to it. There are various symptoms that you could consider in this change, first of which is the low sex drive.

This would include the diminished erectile quality as well as sexual desire. This is caused by the decreased androgens in the male’s body. Moreover, this could be associated with poor spatial orientation, intellectual activity, and worsened depression, fatigue, as well as anger management.

The facts above are the most important ones that you should start with if you would like to prevent experiencing andropause. Evidently, if you have known the cause, you could start learning how you could hinder the gradual decrease of your male hormones.

On the other hand, if you are already on the verge of undergoing andropausal change, you should already start consulting your doctor for some therapies or medications available for your safety against the change.

As of now, more medical research facts are improving the medications available for andropause. In that case, possibility of being redeemed from andropause is larger.

Male Enhancement Effects

Pills for male enhancement, exercises, and prescriptions all comprise a big industry as male difficulties like erectile dysfunction are common occurrences which normally involve the sex life of a man, causing anxiety and frustration.

Problems with maintaining an erection do not really raise concern among many people, notes the Mayo Clinic, however a lot of men still consider male enhancement methods nevertheless.

Herbs and Their Effects

Herbal remedies which are used for male enhancement have been practiced in traditional Chinese medicine and so many other cultures for so many years. Herbs are said to help in male enhancement as they increase sexual drive, performance, and desire, reports the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Spanish fly, L-arginine, and yohimbe are just a few of the examples. L-arginine is a famous aphrodisiac which can cause low blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, and allergic reactions. Yohimbe is an herb used in a drug with the brand name Viramax.

It can have a few adverse effects like nervousness, dizziness, insomnia, and nausea. Spanish fly or cantharides is also a commonly used herb when it comes to male enhancement.

It is obtained from dried beetles and it is considered by many people as an excellent aphrodisiac. The use of Spanish fly has had several side effects including burning and scarring of the mouth, infection, and many other life-threatening conditions.

While there are several herbs which are readily available and tempting to try, keep in mind that their use is not safe for everyone.

Prescriptions and Their Effects

Prescription drugs which are used for male enhancement include Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. These work in the same ways in order to treat problems concerning erectile dysfunction.

These drugs function by enhancing effects of certain chemicals which relax the penile muscles, thereby increasing blood flow needed to get an erection, notes the Mayo Clinic.

However, physical stimulation is needed in inducing an erection because the use of these medications will not automatically produce erections. The use of these drugs has been effective in several men who have different difficulties when it comes to sex.

Exercises and Their Effects

Exercises for male enhancements have been though to help in increasing penile size and girth although there is not much scientific evidence to support the claims. Different exercises like weight training are normally used to put tension on the penis, which leads to cellular growth and renewal, reports MaleEnhancement.org.

Jelqing and ballooning are some of the other acclaimed methods. Ballooning is associated with premature ejaculation and it can help in increasing a man’s stamina. On the other hand, jelqing is utilized to increase penile size.

This is an old practice which can influence make enhancement especially if it used routinely. However, this practice more likely stretched the penis instead of actually “growing” it.


Keep in mind that the United States Food and Drug Administration do not do strict regulation of these over the counter supplements for male enhancements.

According to doctors from Net Wellness, several supplements like those which have synthetic testosterone hormones may cause prostate gland enlargement which is often associated with prostate cancer.